Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PR Class Presentation

Elissa Kane, Director of Development, Albany Public Library, 518-427-4346,

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Constant Contact - E-Mail Marketing & E-Mail list management
Feb. 3 – watch the spelling – June’s corner popular
Jan. 21 – watch the political undertones
Dec. 23 – personal tone – worked here – got good feedback

Marketing Profs – daily e-mail blasts with great information

Fundraising & PR
People give to organizations and other people they know.
Organizations have to be able to talk about their reason for being in the world before they can ask for support.
To raise, $29.1 Million, it was all about communicating what the public told us they wanted.

Fundraising Careers
Ranked top 10 Careers of 2009 -

Branch Improvement Plan -

· Citizens Library Advisory Committee – created in 2004 to explore the current state of libraries in neighborhoods and make recommendations on improvements. Report published in December 2004. (1 CLAC Report Attached)
· 100 Community & Neighborhood Meetings in 2006 and 2007 – grassroots organizing to mobilize and energize the voting base, build community consensus first for idea, then for specifics of buildings, then the bond amount. Periodic Meetings continue through design and roll-outs. (2 July ’08 Flier attached)
· Hired PR and Media Consultant for Campaign in June ‘06– (3 Comm. Plan attached)
· Case Statement - Facilities Committee report to Full Board (4 APL Case Statement Attached)
Built on community input, research of best practices, usage statistics, national trends.

· Once supported by Board, then rolled out as Referendum Campaign for $29.1 Million collected from the Albany taxpayers. (5 RELEASE 12-18)
· Then run like political campaign – informing the base of support through mailings, print, avoided the non-voters, accepted help from outside community action groups like Citizen Action which did phone banking, letters to the editor, newspaper editorials, press releases, meetings with city officials and politicians to mobilize their supporters. And of course, more community meetings. (6 RELEASE –Library Voter & 7 Op-Ed ATTACHED)
· Passed by 2-1 margin in Feb. 2007 – but with only 6,500 votes cast total in city of over 90,000 people – that’s less than 10% of population voting to increase taxes in support of library. (8 FINAL Branch Plan Summary attached)
· 3 Renovations expected to open in Fall ’09, two new constructions in Spring 2010.